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Website Design for Hippiefish

Hippiefish is a really sleek brand, with a great challenge of bringing the sea to the very heart of Ubud (of which for you who never been, it's a jungle, it's a village, it's a spot where you'd find calm and peace). Making sure we capture the wilderness of the jungle while combining the brand's essentials and functionality, we are proud to be part of their design team.

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Hippiefish Ubud, Bali

Hippiefish is part of one of the most premium hospitality group in Indonesia called Tavolo group. With an extensive portfolio of businesses within their businesses, Tavolo group is creating experience of hospitality in a new spectrum.

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Right up there with Ubud’s very best restaurants, we love Hippie Fish for its Mediterranean seafood menu, its laid-back lounge and its impressive wine cellar – one of the largest in Ubud, no less. Using organic and locally-sourced ingredients, the home-cooked highlights here include the signature Fregola, the pan fried Snapper, and the ultra-fresh Tuna Crudo.

Hippiefish Ubud Bali