Looking to get a quote from us?

Your business, deserve a tailored solutions, and that means, coming up with quote will take us time, making sure that we give and address the right needs for you. Let's dive in to see how it works.

Introductory call
The Goal
The goal of this introductory call, is for you to tell us a short paragraph of what is it that you're looking to solve, and for us to see if we're in a good fit.

We will talk about your idea, budget, and timeline expectations.
If you'd like to write that down instead that's also fine; irvan@dotdesign.io is our CEO
1st Meeting
In this first meeting we will be discussing details of your ideas.
In this meeting we will cover your needs, your ideal situations, your current state of the project initiation, your budget, what your concerns are when working with design agencies, and what can we give you so you're equipped in comparing the service you might be looking for.
Request for Proposal
At this stage, we have normally come to a mutual understanding of what are the things we both can bring to each other's plate.
What's in the proposal; Timeline, Bandwidth, Payment Plan, Brief overview of milestones and strategy.

Since the proposal is including the time a roadmap, and blueprint of our strategic thinking, we don't give it away to anyone who comes and asks for it without filtering systems.

We want to make sure that you are ready to embark, and that what we propose fits the triple constraints of scope, budget and timeline which we consider of significance to start off any project. Therefore we identify that together in the 1st meeting.

Proposal Presentation
Once you've gain your confidence that you're looking to move forward with us, we'll present you the proposal.

Every proposal is different due to the solutions and the problem each and every company face.

Therefore, the output of our project are just the byproduct, it is the solutions that we promise to bring to your table, presented within the proposal.

Irvan, Founder of DotDesign

After the presentation, is when the real magic happens.
Where team of expert creatives work together with you, putting perspectives into play and act as your best problem solvers and innovators.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to send us an email below.