User Interface

User Interface Design for Association of Banks in Cambodia

Creating a great interface with an educated assumptions from the information given to us, is essentials and will be used as our main method to design an interface in each and every project.

Association of Banks of Cambodia & Mad Design




User Interface

This particular project was a collaboration with Mäd, another agency that trusted us to tackle the challenges they have, and turn it visual. Creating a platform, that will host such a huge database, or even data center, in Cambodia would have to really take the aspect of familiarity in account to make sure that the main user ( member of the associations of banks in cambodia ) to be able to operate it easily.

Association of Banks in Cambodia, Login Screen.

Building a platform to declarate an incoming and outgoing members of their organisations.

With the direction we took to create a great user interface, we understood that we really need to make sure it is clear what is to do for the user, and how to achieve that. Creating a guided step by step tutorial was needed. Having only a very simple side navigation and a clear notification center with an information of the user them self, all contained in side navigation element that we utilize.