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Website Design for BB52

Creating a strong brand communication in this project was our ultimate goal. As a part in one of the most premium hospitality group in Indonesia, BB52 presents you a premium brand, experience and of course amazing burgers.

Tavolo Group Jakarta




Website Design

BB52 is part of one of the most premium hospitality group in Indonesia called Tavolo group. With an extensive portfolio of businesses within their businesses, Tavolo group is creating experience of hospitality in a new spectrum.

Reimagine your everyday at one of our unique Bali restaurants, cafes, bars or event venues

BB52 is a burger joints with a message of edgy and cool kids kind of burgers. With premium ingredients and staffs, this burger joint is definitely a spot where everyone would be.

BB52 Canggu

BB52 is the best place in Canggu to ‘Burger & Gin’ and start the night right: The sexiest selection of burgers, from finger-licking naughty to vegan, amplified with a unique range of home-infused gins and some eclectic beats. Fun night guaranteed!

BB52 Berawa