Product Design

WebApp Design for Applejax

Applejax is a marketplace of online tutors and students, where the tutors can raise a campaign over his/her own personal project. We help building the product guided by the initial concept by Applejax.





Product Design

We realize that being a teacher is incredibly challenging. Over 33% of US teachers report having second jobs. On top of that, studies show teachers paying over $500 per year on things like paper, pencils, books, etc.

To make matters worse, these problems are beginning to affect our students.

Rising class sizes have led to overcrowded learning environments – where students have trouble getting help. As a result, many parents seek professional tutoring services. Often times overpaying for tutors who don’t have basic teaching credentials.

We asked ourselves, what if there was a better way?

Our solution is to give teachers an exclusive place to crowdfund and tutor while offering students access to credentialed teachers online or in person. As a teacher or student, we made getting help nearly frictionless.

Whether you’re a parent, friend or fellow community member, our platform simplifies classroom contributions. By coming together and making sure teachers have the resources they need to teach, we can make a real difference.

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