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Web Redesign for Sattva Yoga Bali

As a strategic partner, Nicole and us have developed a great website to accommodate the retreat for Sattva Yoga Bali making sure that all the brands that ties to the website is properly implemented so that we send the message to the right audience for her business.

Sattva Yoga Bali




Website Design

Sattva Yoga Bali is an international team of experienced and professional health practitioners and yoga instructors living in Bali.  We have come together to combine our passions and skillsets to deliver authentic Yoga Teacher Trainings and Yoga and Ayurveda Retreats.  

We are passionate about what we do and we gain immense joy from sharing our knowledge and personal experiences of yoga and the Balinese culture with our guests.  

We LOVE Bali and we LOVE yoga! We are continuously filled with gratitude for the deep connections we make with people from all around the globe and it is in these heart connections that we gain the greatest joy.

Sattva Yoga Bali

Yoga is possible for anybody who has a desire to learn. It is so much more than being able to put your feet behind your head or standing on your hands.  Being “good” at yoga has little to do with how flexible you are. It also has little to do with weather or not you can “master” complicated postures now, later, or even ever!  Yoga is about waking up to who we really are, to our divine, infinite nature.  

Yoga is an inner journey with potential to create positive healing. It helps us reconnect to the essence of who we really are, and teaches us to cultivate a compassionate relationship. These relationships is with oneself as well as others.  The physical postures are opportunities to slow down, listen, and connect to the inner being. It allows you to feel the sensations of the physical body, and observe the habits, tendencies, and thoughts that arise. The heart of the yoga practice moves us into present moment awareness and creates the space for honest self inquiry. it challenges who and what we think we are, and what we think we are capable of.

We strive to teach the authentic heart of yoga and we hope to inspire teachers who will carry on this message. Yoga is healing, yoga is a path that helps us to remember who we are and cultivate a more Sattvic or peaceful state of mind. And yes, it just so happens that along the way you will gain health, vitality, strength and flexibility. So even if you come to yoga  just for the amazing physical benefits, this is enough, yoga is happening anyway!