ECommerce Website

Web Design & Development for Kavala

This project's goal was to align the previous design of the website, to their own branding, and customizing the theme for their shopify platform. The design team approached this focusing on their main biggest user of which are the mobile phones user, hence they use the mobile-first approach. The development were working in parallel, as to catch up with deadline. This project in total took us 1 full month dedicated team of 3 to work on it.

Kavala Collective




User Interface & Development

Kavala Collective (@kavalacollective) is a luxury activewear brand inspired by the yoga, surf and wanderlust lifestyle. It was created on an adventure for endless adventures. It is made for sweat, sand, sun and sea so wear for the juiciest yoga classes, the most hardcore workouts, the biggest surf swells, and everything in between. We believe that pursuing your dreams and following your passion leads to the greatest happiness and success. Stay rad. XO Kavala.

Kavala sells in the USA and across the globe. The owner (Kelsey Goodwin, @kelsgoodwin_) is originally from Connecticut, but has spent the last 4 years living and traveling in between the US, Australia and Bali and currently calls Sydney her home. She grew up preparing to work on Wall Street, and when she got there, she realised it wasn’t her passion at all. She left all of that behind and flew across the world to Bali to do her yoga teacher training, and in 3 years since has never looked back. She created Kavala Collective out of passion during her travels when she wanted standout activewear she could wear from the yoga to surf. She is a yoga teacher and an avid surfer, and spends most of her free time chasing the sun, surf and exploring new tropical places at every possible opportunity.

Our Approach to Kavala's Redesign and Redevelopment.

Knowing the fact that their platform of preference is shopify, we need to understand our boundaries and limit when it comes to design. We understand that we're under the restrictions of this platform, or i'd say language. Hence, our approach in this project was, to prioritize the mobile based on the data that they previously gathered from their google analytics.

Kavala Mobile First.

Simplifying the Product Page.

Product page in an ecommerce website is one of the most crucial part, where conversion happen. We aim to create a bigger conversion and trying to understand what did not work on the previous website, and why. With these informations, we experiment different styles that follows the branding and still aligned with the design itself.

Kavala Product Page.

Bringing the design into live.

Bringing the design into live shopify theme, was the one of the challenge, knowing that we're restricted to a specific language, we understand and cautious of what'd be our speed, hence we approach this with a atomic tasks, accumulating it to increase speed and catching up with the deadline by making batch of tasks and going back and forth with design team making sure that it's in the right direction. After all we are design-driven agency :)