Product Development

Product Development for Samewave Surf Trips

Sandra approached us with an idea of Samewave Surf Trips and begin to explain what happened on the previous stage of development. We re-assess what was the current state of the WebApp and where does she plan to go within the given timeline. After we both assessed the current state we understand there're so much more to do after auditing the UX of the previous WebApp. From redesign to redevelopment, we managed to complete the WebApp within a timeframe of 5 months.

Samewave Surf Trips




User Interface, User Experience & Development

Cause we all share the same waves.

Having the idea to create a community of surfers by sharing the surf trips altogether, is the goal of this platform. Having this said by the CEO, Sandra trusted us to bring this into live with the team.

Samewave Surf Trip Development.

3 Types of Users.

From surf trip organizers. administrator, and the user who join the surf trips, we manage to make sure that everything is aligned and properly looked after. We make sure each and every user apart from the administrator understood their main goal of this WebApp, by using a uniformed elements and recycling the UI Elements in the design.

Manage surf trips.