Product Design

Product Design for Neokon

Building Neokon's product design is not an easy task. We have to practically understanding that the demographics and the users are from several section in the societies that has no technological literacy. Making it simple, and usable for them is our challenge.

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UX, UI, Branding & Product Design

Neokon is a Construction Site Management System.

It's core function, is to monitor what goes in and what goes out of the building. Be that the carpenters, scaffolders or electrician, they will have to past the main gate or in most scenario would be their bosses. Neokon, is not just bringing a monitoring functionalities within a construction site. It brings a business system.

In Asia, there're 9.9 fatalities in every 100,000 workers. That's double from the first world countries like Australia or England.

Screenshots of Neokon's Dashboard

Neokon is simply making your construction site more accessible with a concrete data.

User's Interface