Product Design

Product Design for KH Trivia

The challenges of building/designing this game, is to make sure that with all the playfulness of it all, the message we need to send is delivered, and understood. Having all the strong colours and elements of types combined, we carefully make sure that all the contrast and readability of this game is up to our standards.

Just Works Development




Branding, UX & UI

KH Trivia is the first Online Trivia Game ever in Cambodia. Developed by Just Works Development, a software company from San Diego California, that opened their branch in 2018 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

KH Trivia uses a real time presenter for a user to be able to answer questions and get their rewards if they make it till the end of the game.

Their business model based on an advertising company, with a extra mega attentive users. Why ? Because the game only happens twice a day where the operator is basically streaming them in Live. KH Trivia is ran by an operator and a presenter, aswell as the recording team. This game has gained a lot of popularity in Cambodia by the money they are giving each day.