Product Design & Branding

Product Design for Hourvillage

Hourvillage is a social marketplace for skills, services and errands that runs on time. Give your skills and services to other members who need it. Receive the same in return. Hourvillage is a social equaliser platform where one hour equals one hourtime regardless of who we are. Gender, age, religion, nationality, wealth, social status or services provided do not matter. This project in particular is really challenging because the types of users within the platform. One of the biggest challenge happened during this design process was, how can we switch from one shoes to another while being agile enough to let our creative mind roam free without forgetting the connections between those users.

Hourvillage Singapore




Branding, UX, UI & Product Design

Hourvillage is trying to bridge between companies, people and causes to connect together and give or donate our time to the cause we believe in while being able to measure the impact of what's best for you, the people in your company, and the volunteers that match the cause who'd need our help.

What we did for them

We started from the very scratch of the business, apart from the logo. When we kick off the project, the only design assets handed to us were the logo, of which is an amazing start and great trust from the stake holder.

Essentials Branding & Guidelines
UI KIT, Essentials Branding

We deliver what we call it UI Kits for the developers, and set a standards of elements, to be recycled. As we believe, the less elements a user have to remember, the better it is for user to spend their focus on the experience, hence the recycling of elements, style and rules are highly put on top of our rules in the very beginning of the stage.

Company's Dashboard
Hourvillage Company Dashboard

The Company

A company, can register to us, and onboarded with their preferences that match what the company believes, and help them to promote the event to their organization while being able to measure their company's social responsibilities.

What's in it for the company with all these data : if you know where does your CSR is efficient, you'd know where you could simply contribute to the well-being of your employees. Of which, happy employees, would produce much better works.
Company Home Dashboard

Event Promotion for the Company

Apart from browsing event is such delightful way, the company admin will be prompted to promote events within their organizations that match the company profile or believe.

Here they will be able to see the details of the events wether the date is suitable for the company or not.

Most of the case, the admin of the company user would be their Human Resource's Manager, or in the same department.

The Cause

Cause Onboarding

As a cause, or organisation that we are trying to give our time to, we'd need to onboard you, to match you with the best volunteers available, wether that's genders, age, religions or anything in between. We'd like to know you, and give our best offer to help.

Event Set Up for the Cause

During the onboarding, it was our assumption that these are physical events that needs real time contributions. (Of course due to our current situation, COVID19 standard has to be followed).

This event can be, teaching, helping giving food, or helping to cook for the homeless people, or keeping what's already going within the organization's program to keep moving.

Hourvillage Login.

The Application for People

The Hourvillage Application, is designed to record, browse, participate, and redeem the whole activity and business eco-system of Hourvillage. We'd like to give the user the ability to check in into an event by scanning QR code of which will be provided during the event that's displayed by the Cause who organized the event.

We'd also like them to understand that even if they don't want to join the one that's shared by the company's HR, they can contribute on their own too, without being in part of any organizations.

Hourvillage Mobile App.