Product Design

Product Design for Coca Cola

This project felt more like we were building an all inclusive experience. It's challenging, but fun. We'd love to see how it operates when we pass this pandemic(Covid19) hopefully soon.

Coca Cola, Cambodia




Product Design & User Experience

Control Panel for Museum.

Having the idea of futuristic museum where there will be holograms, automated light settings, movie & media player, and light switch all in one software is an insanely creative idea. We were approached by the Coca Cola in Cambodia where they took us to their on site to be the museum outside of Phnom Penh, to design the software that will accomodate the facility, the guide and the customers who'd be having tours in the facility.

Controller for Coca Cola's Museum.

Discovering the flow.

We discover the flow of the whole experience by visiting the site and imagining of what happen and what could happen. We mapped out any technology that could possibly be controlled within the device.

Mapping out the site.