Brand Development for Vidi Catering

Vidi, is a traditional food company in a modern packaging, brought to you from Yogyakarta, in service more than 37years. After learning and discovering their true nature of taste, we found that transforming a brand, does not necessarily have to follow the trend. We emphasize their tradition, to make it as a key strength, of their vocal point.

Vidi Catering





Vidi Catering Company has stand over 37 years serving one of the best traditional food in a modern look for the people of Yogyakarta.

Through their authentic cuisine, they are bringing up the local taste to the tourist that comes from all over the world to this special region. Vidi has been a great partner of ours, that has created a long lasting business trust with DotDesign since the beginning of their focus in the digital world.

Apart from their authenticity of the the food they make, they are trying to capture a new market that rose in the city, of which are the rich kids who are embracing their hometown. Hence Vidi, requested us have the idea of Elegant, but Traditional. The brown that we choose here, co-relate well with the city's signature Batik (traditional fabric from its region).