Merdeka Mengajar

Merdeka Mengajar is an education platform initiative by Govtech Edu, working under the ministry of Education. The challenge of this project was building a public sector brand that has no competition, and millions of audience with different backgrounds, range of age, tech literacies level, different metaphorical interpretation, and across Indonesian Archipelago.

Govtech Edu




Co-creation Brand Building

Visual Identities Planning

What is the project about?

The Merdeka Mengajar application is an educational superapp designed by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemdikbudristek) to help teachers teach, develop themselves, and work better. We joined the team of experts to bring in our expertise of brand building within the ecosystem they're currently building.

What are the goals and vision of the brand?

So that educators can focus more on improving student learning outcomes, and have richer opportunities to improve their competencies and careers.

How do we plan to do that from the product?

Teaching Better

- Produk Asesmen Murid provides a collection of question packages that can be distributed online or offline to students in class. Teachers can also get the results of assessment analysis in the application, which will make it easier to plan lessons according to student needs.

- Produk Perangkat Ajar provides inspiration and reference for quality teaching materials, in the form of teaching modules, teaching materials, project modules, to textbooks. These teaching tools can be downloaded and used directly in the classroom.

Develop Yourself Better

- Video Inspirasi contains a collection of inspirational videos for teaching practice and self-development, made by the Kemdikbudristek team and experts. These various videos have been curated and can be used by teachers as a reference to improve competence.

- Pelatihan Mandiri contains various training materials to improve competence as educators. The material is made short to make it easier for teachers to conduct training independently, anytime and anywhere.

Work Better

- Bukti Karya Saya is a place to document rich work that describe the performance, competence, and achievements achieved during the teaching profession as well as school principals. Work can also be shared with colleagues to learn from and inspire each other.

The Challenges

One of the biggest challenges of building this brand in particular was more of finding the right approach, on how the brand should serve it's purpose, product and the organization.

One of the finding within this product we discovered were about the fact that we're not trying to compete, we are trying to accommodate everyone in the realm of education of Indonesia, to be our audience. Which can range from the age of 6, to 50 from students, school administrations, teachers, headmasters, the private schools, etc.

The situation

The product was developed long before the brand, as well as the initiative, that was lead by the founder of Gojek that's now appointed to become our ministry of education Nadiem Makarim. And what this means for the brand -> we have a lot of research about our real audience's personas, and how we should define the brand's development process.

The Approach


After the brainstorm, research, and context gathering phases, we came up with formulas of how we should approach the brand and how should it serve; which then become into 3 separate phases.

Phase 1;

We worked on the brand fundamentals, from the foundational principles, messaging, brand promise & personality, and lastly our brand positioning.

In this phase we utilize the research data that were done by the product team and research team to make sure we serve the organizations and product right. This means that since we are not here to compete, the brand should serve a sole purpose and that is

to give soul, identity, and relevancy to our audience and reaching them through their emotional side, supplementing the great user experience the team has crafted.

Phase 2;

Armed with the right research, expertise and directions, the communication team of the project together work with us and other stakeholders to make sure we craft the right communication guideline, tone and voices, as well as key messages from the brand itself.

Phase 3;

This is the phase where we're starting our visual explorations, as well as keeping it open into dynamics that come to us such as timeline constraints, religious interpretations and other factors that have to be taken into account to ensure our design is politically strategized. Knowing that our audience is composed of such a wide ranges of personas, we decide to have this process as an ongoing process, and taking it in as we go as well as building its visual identities itself.

Collective opinions and ideas are one of our strongest point that we discovered through out this process.

Adriansyah Mursalin's Sketches
Credits to Adriansyah Mursalin as the Illustrator
Color Exploration by Adriansyah Mursalin

Current State

Credit to Adriansyah Mursalin
Now we're at the stage of the beginning where we discover the logo, and the directions, but we're still long way to go in defining what works and what does not.
By far this is one of the best project we've been able to be part of, and one of our project we're most proud of.