Creative Production for Kaluga Imperial

Instead of trying to come up with the best strategy on how to convert, we approach this project, in a genuine way of spreading their user's awareness of this brand, the products, and the information itself. We approach it by telling this as a story. Telling a story that elegantly designed with taking in account of relevancy of each informations.

Kaluga Caviar


Sat Dec 26 2020 04:29:23 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)


Marketing Materials

Kaluga Imperial Caviar was founded with a desire to produce the perfect caviar. They do this with a combination of geography, experience, technology and tradition.

Their repacking and aging facilities are on the banks of the Min River located in "The Dujiangyan" which is an ancient irrigation system in Dujiangyan City, Sichuan, China. Originally constructed around 256 BC by the State of Qin as an irrigation and flood control project, it is still in use today. The system's infrastructure develops on the Min River (Minjiang), the longest tributary of the Yangtze. The area is in the west part of the Chengdu Plain, between the Sichuan basin and the Tibetan plateau.  Some of the cleanest waters can be found here.

Their experienced team combines their countless years European tradition and experience and the most modern techniques to perfectly blend and age the caviar. They use only traditional malossol preparation and offer only fresh, natural product free from chemicals and preservatives.

Kaluga Imperial's Presentation Deck.

We need to present a lot of information, in an elegant way.

Creating a presentation deck, or product catalog has never been an easy task. This is where your outbound marketing efforts are being put. Knowing that this marketing effort is crucial we took the time to construct it beautifully.

We are not selling, we are telling a story