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App Design for Rise Commercial

Rise Building App, is essentials to their property. This app, allows user to enjoy all the facilities and features all the company and the app can offer, but does more than that for the Rise Company. It gives them data, to create a data model of their best demographic market, and create a cross platform marketing through out the entire business ecosystem. As a strategic partner, working with Rise has been a great opportunity for us to build an amazing platform and explore the possibilities. We've achieved both amazing and awesome product with them, such as website, and enterprise management system.

Rise Group Cambodia




UX, UI, Branding and Product Design

Rise Group

Is a corporation of businesses who just launched their building just right in the very heart of Phnom Penh, right across Independence Monument their building is offering a magnificent view.

Apart from a great architectural stand point, Rise strive to be a smart building, where everything is moved by digital. From reserving parking, ordering a coffee or meal, to ask for a handyman to fix your electrical issue.

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Having that this building will be accessed with different permission, it threw us a UX challenge in the beginning constructing the relationship of the data to each and every user and tie it to one main control of the building admin.

UI Rise App