Maya Ariningsih
March 12, 2023
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What is brand experience?

By providing the best quality and price is no longer the main way to be able to win the market, because too many products or services offered have the same quality and price.

Apart from that many offer at a price that is far very cheap below the standard price.

This situation makes entrepreneurs create their own key point of uniqueness in their products so that they can maintain their competition in th business. unfortunately, not many of the uniqueness they create makes the quality of the product or serviccome decrease, leaving a bad brand experience.

Then with the current situation, is there a way to win the competition with competitors who have products or services that we have?

What we can do by building and delivering Brand Experiences. Brand Experience is the experience that is felt after consumers buy or use the product offered. A pleasant experience can create a memorable impression of a product or service that has been used and can be used as a testimony to influence potential customers to buy the same product or service.

Building and creating brand experiences must include experiences on the Sensorial, Emotional, Intellectual, and Behavioral sides. It is through this interactive experience that the experience will create a deep and unique impression about the product or service in the mind and heart of the customer.

Brand experience includes:

1. Sensory Experience

Consumers experience a better usage experience when using certain products compared to other products.

2. Emotional Experience

Consumers have a pleasant experience when using the product.

3. Intellectual Experience

Consumers feel they get more promotional information, benefits or others after using a product or service.

4. Behavioral Experience

Consumers often use products or services when making transactions compared to other product brands.

How to create a great Brand Experience?

Consumers are the most important elements in business. A pleasant brand experience is one of the important things that can attract customer loyalty.

Of course, every consumer has different expectations and satisfaction in the brand experience. Here are 5 essential tips for creating a Brand Experience:

Photo by Lucian Alexe on Unsplash

1. Easy to reach

One of the important things is that it can be easily reached by the target market for the business. So that the branded product or service is easily accessible to consumers, who are in villages or cities.

Photo by Arno Senoner on Unsplash

2. Reliable service

Many consumers who feel disappointed and choose to look for other products or services because they had a bad brand experience from customer service that is difficult to contact, slow response, or even no response at all. In fact, friendly and reliable customer service can create a delightful brand experience in the minds of consumers.

3. Responsive to consumers

Try to create intense interactions with both old and new customers. Responding to comments, complaints, or input from followers or consumers is also the key to providing a pleasant brand experience.

4. Give Rewards

Everyone loves surprises. Giving surprises as appreciation through rewards to loyal customers and new customers. Rewards do not have to be in the form of objects, they can give discounts, vouchers or special promos that are able to make the product or service choose brand equity or brand effects.

5. To innovate but still maintain consistency

If you need innovation, you should stay consistent with the characteristics of the brands we have so as not to eliminate the original characteristics or concepts of a product or service.

Brand experience is an indicator of customer satisfaction. Providing a pleasant brand experience to consumers, besides increasing the number of new consumers, also increasing trust in the products or services offered, especially creating a brand experience that will be easier with the support of modern, effective and efficient technology for your business.


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