Irvan Lathief
March 12, 2023
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How can your business grow stronger with an extraordinary brand experience in 2021

For a small to medium business, extra-ordinary brand experience will put them ahead of their competitor. While having a great consistency, well made brand elements, message and output of pleasant visual can be expensive, think of yourself as a multi-million dollar business. Think of what happens if your brand, fail, can you afford it ? No. Every successful entrepreneur knows the expensive cost of bad branding.

As an entrepreneur my self, i understand how frustrating can it be to choose a color palette or debating the type of fonts should i go with when i know that my buyers out there are waiting or if not already buying my products. So, let's break it down in your language :

This will be 5-8 minutes read. And i will try to cover as much as possible in the most simple way as much as i can.

1. Stand Out in A Saturated World Full of Brands

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Standing out in 2021 is not just having a good logo. It has never been and it will never be.

As an entrepreneur we both know a well define strategy is one of the foundation of your success be it a campaign, ads, promotion or business.

Same goes with brands, it runs through the back bone of your business. From the voice, tone, message, colour association, to a detailed persona of your customer would give you clear view over the right marketing & brand experience direction.

2. Have clarity over your brand

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Having a clear direction of your market share and niche for your business attract the right community & market that you serve or sell your product/service to. By knowing that, it's proven that in order to grow, you need to promote the category or niche that you're in, in order to grow your market share.

Often brands are too greedy or maybe scared of their competition, and instead of growing the category so that they can narrow their focus to their own niche, they fall into the trap of expansion.

Understand that, expansion is not a bad thing, but when it's done wrong, it can hurt your brand as much as it can hurt your business. Read what happen in Kodak here.

3. Great branding helps you deliver the right message for your business

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Armed with clarity and the right direction of your brand, you'd be able to send the right message to the right people in the right time.

Imagine a scenario of your brand have all the answers to the why your brand exist, what does it sell, to whom would it ideally sold to and when. This are a powerful question you can ask yourself to your business.

In 2021, we've learnt that after we have all these in place, we understand some business would need to nurture their market, and gaining trust over their niche. It is a not an easy job. These expertise, are why we DotDesign is getting paid to do what we do. We love to define the right message for brands by re-enforcing their key strength in order to make a brand stand out.

Free Resources:

For small to medium business, click here for a free tool for you and your brand to create a consistency, and making sure that your style are in place. Canva provide a quite extensive range of service from the free tier to the pro tier if you have that artistic soul in you, you would benefit from this with no or little understanding of a design tool.


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