Irvan Lathief
March 12, 2023

Branding for Crypto & Web3 - and how your business can ride the wave of the digital transformation in 2022

In this blog, we will discuss the essentials of Branding, How does it affect old businesses, and How can we position ourselves in the top of our user’s mind in the middle of crypto crash, NFT’s ups and downs while still running your business.

Previously we’ve discussed about Best way to understand Web3 for Marketers in our sister company, Itchi Digital, Digital Marketing & Public Relation Firm focusing in South East Asian market entry for brands and businesses around the world. Now - making sure that your branding goes alongside your marketing effort - here’s our take away of what does Web3 Branding means for business.

by DotDesign

Here’s what we think about branding in Web3; there’s no right, or wrong in how do you want to portray your identity, convey your messaging online, and that is the beauty of this. We realized that back in the day - the world Branding & Marketing were only accessible to those who’s interested, but not today. We all have the same access and knowledge, and this means for your user and audiences too.

Transparency, accountability, and connectivity is going to be the future of the web. 

You might be wondering what happen to the business that had established their brand and legacy over 10 or even 25-35 years ago? Well as said, we’re still in the early phase, and you’re not late. Sit back and check these 3 things you’d wanna consolidate within your business;

by DotDesign

  1. Community is everything.

    If we learn one thing about the Web3, the power of ownership and valuation is given back to the public. This means, that cultivating a strong, and engaged community should be one of your top priority. According to one of our research team, the salary of a “Community Development Manager” increased 27%-48% depending on where are you located, and the company you’re working for, but in our survey average, it increased 34% from 2021.

    We’ve talked about the 5 reason why having brand loyalty can bring higher revenue for your business, and how you can build your community here too.

  2. User Generated Content.

    Knowing that Web3 is still a grey area to almost everyone, listening carefully what your customer say, gain their feedback, get your ideal direction set, and understanding your community could be one of the biggest investment you might wanna tap into. If you’re a brand that rarely interact this way, start now, if you’re already doing it, improve and synthesize what you get, and realign your Web3 direction and approach.

    By doing the above, it will refine your brand, and being authentic is the only way to go.
  3. Cryptocurrency & NFT.

    Knowing that everything in in Web3 is all about personalized profile and ownership, you need to invest your time significantly in expanding your knowledge about the right blockchain technology you might be able to use, cultivate your curiosity in the possibilities of integrating your business with NFT, or acceptance of cryptocurrency.

    *by no mean I am advising you to do this, however, DotDesign is accepting cryptocurrency, the fact that we’ve been trading, using and accepting it since 2018, we are confident that in the future, this will be the only payment term we will accept. 


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