Irvan Lathief
March 12, 2023

3 reason why you need to hire branding agency for your company

We’ve laid out why do you need to hire an agency, and what would it benefit you and your company;

If you’re the CEO, CMO or a founder of a startups, you might understand the overwhelming wave of tasks from building products, fundraising, meeting potential investor, and bunch other churning task that actually get the company going. 

While knowing every detail on your company is great, we all have to admit that no one is expert on everything. And focusing in the most important part of your business should not stop you with having a great branding for your product. 

We’ve laid out why do you need to hire an agency, and what would it benefit you and your company;

1. The way that a user experiences your product is your company’s brand.

What does that mean? It means that - sometimes, the best product on the market win not because they’re the best product, but because their customer feel like they’re the best. There are cheaper, and better motorcycle in the world, yet people spend tens of thousands buying a Harley Davidson, why? Because it is a statement. That’s what a branding agency do for your company, we validate, research and find a way of how to connect through emotions for your product and customers. 

2. Hiring a team full of experiences, managed internally, with a non biased opinion(or at least we try to throw away our bias as a branding agency)

This means that hiring a branding agency might give you an outsider perspective, whether it’s something you want or don’t want to hear, we’ll bring it out to you, and cultivate the idea together.

3. Do it right once, and you’re set.

Have you ever seen the difference of how your presentations, and your CEO’s presentation looks totally different? How about the Instagram post that has inconsistent fonts? This all sounds like a small things. Add this on top of your accounting problem, product development and budgeting, and it will become an exponential problem in the future. (Just imagine if Coca Cola have a different red every time you see it, how would you feel?)

Of course a success of a company is not based just on a brand. Neither the success of a brand is based on consistency. But can you remember a successful company with a half-baked brand? If you can, email us what’s the company and we’ll give you a free 1 hour brand consultation. 

Stay branded :)


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