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from research, design, strategy, brainstorm to experiment, but one thing that would capture all of that in one word is : we listen to people.


Digital Strategy

We start each new digital product design partnership with an in‑depth discovery phase to immerse ourselves in your business. Our UX designers interview stakeholders, conduct user research,analyze your competition, and consolidate content. The result is an action plan on executing a seamless and holistic brand experience.

Diagnosis, measurement, insight

We identify opportunities you can uniquely own by analysing your business, your market, and cultural shifts in the world.

Goal, approach, proposition

Once we identify the opportunities, and strength of your brand, we position ourself to make sure that you send the right message to the right audience

Reinforcement, application

Once Diagnosis and Positioning is validated, we will then give a direction towards what are key items of brands and design that you can reinforce to your business and digital experience


A brand today is all about how it makes your customers feel. It's not a logo, visual identity, ordigital product design. But rather a cohesive system that spans across all mediums and touchpoints. We're a branding agency offering a complete solution from naming and logo design to communications and style guides.

Discovery, validation, direction

Building a brand in 2021 is not just putting up name and logo together. It is about understanding the direction your brand goes, and really dissecting the reason of your brand's existence

Exploration, elimination, expansion

Exploring who you are and eliminating who you are not is the essentials of your expansion. Once you understand the direction, and your true nature, you grow

Application and implementation

Every brand that comes to us, will have their own needs, their own tools, style, tone, voice, hence we tailor every application and implementation that happen within the spectrum

Website Design

We're a web design agency creating next‑level websites by strategically blending user experience and brand story telling. Our web designers and developers create responsive websites that feel at home on any device. Product landing pages,marketing sites, or UX UI for enterprises intranet up to government levels portals – we do it all.

Function, audience, presence

We identify key points of your strength how to best send the right message to your audience, by studying your presence in the digital world

Conception, exploration, testing

Once we have knowledge of the approach, we will draft a concept and explore together with you, before we put it on test making sure that every elements feel like home for you and your audience

Design and development

In parallel working with the rest of the UX team, we make sure that our UI get first hand your brand's handle, to absorb the feeling, moodboard, and putting your customer shoes in ours to get a grip of what we need to deliver

Photo & Video

With the addition to our new team member in the house, we're proudly presenting to you: Teddy Novianto - a passionate and amazing photographer.

Commercial Photography

From fashion brands, properties, digital campaigns, to a professional content production, we got you.

Editorial Photography

Artisanal concept, delivered right into your house.

Short Film Production

Capturing moments into a great story telling videos, reels, and behind the scene to create a memorable visuals for your business.

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